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I'm known in and around Canmore as the active REALTORĀ®, my family and I love to be outside in the mountains and Canmore affords us the lifestyle we enjoy.

My wife and I have raised two boys  in and around Canmore, on the trails, ice rinks, soccer fields, ski hills and in the back-country that is so easily accessible from our front door.

Growing up in and enjoying the mountain lifestyle requires specific education and knowledge and mother nature demands respect at all times to ensure safety when in the mountains.  My family and I have been taught the skills needed to live in the mountains from some of the best experts in the valley - ski guides, mountain guides, ski instructors, climbers and mountain bike instructors and each one has added a valuable lesson and skill to our quiver.

I believe it's just as important to use an expert when purchasing or selling real estate in the Banff and Canmore area.  There are a number of unique situations in both towns that as a purchaser or seller you need to be aware of, whether it's zoning, development, environmental or lifestyle a real estate expert can give you the guidance, advise, education and skills to complete the transaction from start to finish.

With 20 plus years of living in the mountains and 10 years in the real estate industry in the Valley let me be your trusted advisor when buying or selling property in Banff or Canmore.

Richard Greaves
Richard Greaves
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